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Why don't the sportswriters just rename the award in his honor. The first two he got I can understand, he even deserved, but this I cannot stomach. Manning means a lot to his team, no question. Would they be a playoff team with say Matt Cassel at teh helm? Probably, but clearly not as good. Woudl the Dolphins be in the playoffs without Chad Pennington, would even be close? The answer to that is no. Would the Vikings without a ceratin Adrain Peterson? The answer to that question is a resounding "no!" In fact, without Peterson, the Vikings wouldn't be .500, they wouldn't be 5-11, hell they might have finished just ahead of the Lions at 1-15 or 2-14. Thats the impact an MVP has on his team. Peterson for MVP. Enough of the Manning ass-kissing already!
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Pedroia: MVP: what it does for the nation

With the MVP ballots in and Dusty came out of the pig pile on top, I feel it is necessary to recognize the attribute which contributed most to his success; determination. He proved to millions that the little guy can do anything if he works for it, that long held american ideal that, for many, seemed impossible in the current state of things but now Pedroia has shown us all what may be accomplished with some elbow grease, determination, and an interior drive and passion to succeed. Thank you Dusty, you have given children of all size and ability the gift of hope, hope that they're dreams and aspirations can come true after all. That even in this world of steriods and drugs, the little guy can emerge from the pile Dusty and battered, but still victorious.
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